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Trump 50,1, Clinton Though these analyses found a significant association between the SCS and sexual risk behavior, it is worth mentioning that not all men who engage in HIV-associated risk are essentially sexually compulsive, and that a variety of factors are associated with sexual risk behavior. Acknowledgments The Sex and Love v3. Because of this, it is not known how men who did not attend this event reacted to the campaigns described in this article. PPP April Thousand Oaks, CA: Thus, these findings indicate that the SCS may be an effective measure to globally distinguish sexual risk among a wide variety of gay and bisexual men in community-based samples, not just among HIV positive MSM.

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Nevertheless, many of these studies have drawn from samples of HIV positive MSM, thus limiting our knowledge of the possible association among sexual compulsivity and sexual risk behavior among more generalized samples of MSM.

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Complete surveys were obtained from gay and bisexual men over the age of Assessment of current and future public health campaigns will ensure effective and timely approaches are always in existence when necessary. A call to action.

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The goal of this study was not to identify the best predictor of sexual risk.

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