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Recognition of same-sex unions in Italy. Ma Salvini lo stoppa: And such attitudes have made it difficult to bring discussion of measures, for example to recognise homosexual relationships, to the parliamentary sphere. The Italian Ministry of Interior appealed the decision, and the Court of Appeal of Bologna subsequently reversed the trial decision. On 7 July, the Justice Committee advanced a unified bill. Legal since [1].

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According to data from the Italy Eurispes report released 29 January, the percentage of Italians who have a positive attitude towards homosexuality and are in favor of legal recognition of gay and lesbian couples is growing.

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Since ; sterilisation and sex change operations not required since [84]. The bill was amended in compliance of the request of some conservative MPs who feard to be fined or jailed for stating their opposition to the recognition of same-sex unions. Retrieved 21 August

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Same-sex civil unions and unregistered cohabitation have been legally recognized since June

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