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It is disappointing to see such a popular, and needed, bill, which seemed poised to pass without contest, derailed in such a way. Same-Sex Adoption Since the United States Supreme Court ruling in legalized same-sex marriage, there have been massive advancements in the area of adoption rights for same-sex couples across the country. North Carolina Divorce Lawyers Blog. If the non-spouse parent will not voluntarily give consent to the stepparent adoption, this can pose a significant legal hurdle if one of the following exceptions cannot be shown. Schedule your consultation today. Georgia has over 13, children in foster care, all of which may be in the system for well over a year before they ever find a permanent home.

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You do not need consent from the non-spouse parent for a second-parent adoption in North Carolina if that parent:.

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Same-Sex Adoption

Our neighboring state, Georgia, has recently had this argument enflamed in the form of Senate Bill If a family has the means and the desire, and is not a danger to a child, they should be given a chance to raise a child, regardless if they are a single parent, from a different culture, hold a different creed, or are a little queer. The law should give them the equal rights to their heteronormative counterparts, including hospital visitation, joint taxes, inheritance, and all other areas of the law. Sponsors of the amendment adversely claim that the added language in the bill would give agencies the power to find what they deem to homes more aligned in the interests of the children. It is law that same-sex couples have the right to marry in the United States of America, but there are some who still struggle with the question of what exactly that entails. You cannot reason with the unreasonable.

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Please contact us today for a consultation. You do not need consent from the non-spouse parent for a second-parent adoption in North Carolina if that parent: For these couples, this raises additional issues of consent and notice. Stepparent adoption, previously only available in North Carolina to married couples, is now an option for many same-sex couples. For some same-sex couples, there may have been an egg or sperm donor or gestational carrier in addition to contraception by artificial insemination. Family Law and Divorce. The bill stalled, neither passing or failing, at the end of last year after a provision was added by their state Senate Judiciary Committee which would allow private adoption agencies, including those that receive public funds, to refuse to place children in homes based on familial, cultural, or religious reasons.

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