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As I hear their stories of the struggle to reconcile their gay nature to how society treats them, it has been heartbreaking. Otherwise, we're heading down the road of Iran, where it's convert or die, be quiet or die," Hickey said. Megan Rohrer born April 3, is an American pastor and activist. While at PLTS Megan was one of a few openly gay seminarians and witnessed many people being closeted as a result of church policy, social stigma, or intersecting issues such as document and visa status. X Donate Today your visit to this web site is hosted by no one — will you?.

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At seminary I was pointed to verses in the Bible like Galatians 3:

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Yes, this is a state legislator in a small state, one of dozens of people who comprise half of the needed votes to advance laws in the state. This article is from the archive of our partner. Megan intends to continue working with this congregation, as well as begin several projects that address the experiences and needs of transgender seminarians in the ECLA. It's been common knowledge that the ELCA has had gay and lesbian pastors in its parishes for a long time, he said.

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