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If there are two of you coming to The Gables, for a few dollars more it really makes more sense to take a cab. In America, bathhouses have been romanticized, evoking images of Bette Midler with Barry Manilow on piano, no less serenading the terry-clothed masses in New York, a USO girl entertaining the sexually hidden troops. Come into my room and have fun! He has started giving a co-worker rides home. Adult bookstores have long been a venue of choice for closeted men. He has prayed, over and over, not to be gay.

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The previous owners, Don Caskey and Warren Cederholm, bought the home incontinued the restoration of the home and created one of the finest bed and breakfasts in Philadelphia.

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Some of these men look primarily for same-sex partners on the Internet. His eyes brimming with tears, John picks up a pen and makes his mark near total homosexuality with the flourish of a man signing his own declaration of independence. The lot holds about 8 cars so parking is not guaranteed, but on a first come, first served basis. Because Club Philadelphia is located within a block or two of so many gay bars, it tends to be most popular late on weekend evenings, beginning around midnight and continuing until well after the neighborhood's many bars have closed.

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After 10 minutes, such a figure — thickly built, with cabled working-man forearms and a tough, stubbled face — sluices through the dark into view.

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