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A prenuptial agreement is something like an insurance policy for both prospective spouses to consider. Enforcement suits may also be brought after a final order regarding the children. I cherish Attorney Reitz like my own family, and I pray I never have the unfortunate experience of being on the opposing side of the table for any legal matter that she is representing. Important election dates. If child custody or visitation may be an issue, then the best interest of the children is the focus of our conversation and what you want for your children.

She worked efficiently and focused on the issues that really mattered.

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Designed by RiotLabs. Once the termination becomes final, either after a fully contested trial or parental consent to termination, the parent no longer has any rights to the child and a legal adoption of the child can occur. If there are serious issues or you believe your spouse is about to file for divorce, we discuss whether you should file. Voters must submit registrations in person by 4 pm; by mail, it must be postmarked no later than the April 9; if online, emailed by midnight.

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Most of the time we are able to secure an agreement on all issues regarding the children without a trial.