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To take one of your examples, it's trendy now for men to comment on how attractive some other man is, or for women to point out some stunner in a gorgeous dress. Your aim in the conversation would be to create awareness and reflection and not to get her to act in any particular way, as that truly would be interference. Six months in I was pregnant. Submitted by lauri on October 22, - 2: Let your kids choose for themselves, make their own mistakes, live their own lives and unless they are being abused, MYOB. You are trying to convey distress to a partner, or friend, or parent, and language renders you a hostage to fortune.

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I have made the decision for a number of reasons, the main being to spend more time with my young family.

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I am so sad and sorry to read Submitted by Deborah J. My sister Em had a long, uphill walk home from high school. I send you my best.

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No adult likes a parent meddling in their life.

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