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Many U. Brennan urged state appellate judges to interpret the state constitutional provisions expansively to secure individual rights, just as the Supreme Court had done under Chief Justice Earl Warren. Barney Frank D- Mass. That amendment, which has not been introduced by any member of Congress, states: July 25, State of Ohio v. Christianity Today.

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Constitutional bans on same-sex unions were advocated in response to the legalization of same-sex marriage in other jurisdictions, notably Canada and Massachusetts.

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Navajo Nation. March 22, S. Interestingly, some prominent conservative opponents of same-sex "marriage," including California congressman Christopher Cox, were also skeptical about the amendment on federalism grounds. Bizarrely, this right was said to reside in "penumbras formed by emanations" from specific guarantees in the Bill of Rights.

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In an influential article in the Harvard Law ReviewBrennan noted that state constitutions, like the U.

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